Meine Station

Yagi und GP
[70cm: 16 Element - 2m: 7 Element - GP: 5 times stocked]

At first I will show you my antenna system above. Using an 16 Element for 430 MHz and an 7 Element for 144 MHz both horizontal for SSB and Satellite-Operation and a Ground-Plane-Antenna for local talk and Packet-Radio.

50 MHz homemade Dipol

Sometimes, especially in the Sporadic-E season, I build up my homegrown 50 MHz-Dipol on a 10m high portable mast for listening into the Magic-Band.


The Yaesu FT-847 All Mode Transceiver is good for Satellite-Operation with Normal and Reverse Tracking.

More Picture and a detailed description of my Shack will follow as soon as possible.

Last Update: 20.07.2003 by Christian Schwier